About us


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Synergy Homes India’s journey is no different.

Started in 2012, by Mr. Prabhu. S, who set out to chase his childhood dream of making it big in the Engineering Industry. Armed with a degree in civil engineering from Coimbatore Institute of Technology and with a clear goal of learning the nuances of the trade, he joined a well known project management company in Hyderabad to hone his skills. After he was sure that he could deliver on his own, he quit a well paying job and moved to Coimbatore, where his entrepreneurial spirit could be nurtured. To begin with, he roped in his childhood friend, Natarajan, a PSG-Amrita product and the team has been expanding ever since.

Within a year of its birth, it has successfully completed eight projects across the city. Synergy Homes India is a company that genuinely believes that transparency in every aspect of the business is a must to grow. The team has this philosophy incorporated into its DNA and has lived up to this promise ever since its inception.